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Become a Coronado Schools Foundation Real Estate Partner

We would like to thank  Coronado Middle School Principal Karin Mellina and Coronado School Foundation CEO Patty Cowan for speaking at our meeting on Wednesday. We received the following thank you follow-up letter from Patty. We encourage everyone to consider becoming a Coronado Schools Foundation Real Estate Partner.

From: Patty Cowan <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2016 5:02 PM
To: Caroline Haines <>
Cc: Karin Mellina <>
Subject: Many thanks


Good afternoon President Caroline & CREA Members,

It was a pleasure for Karin and I to present to you this morning regarding Coronado Unified School District and the impact of funds donated through the Coronado Schools Foundation.

Here is a link to the Coronado Unified School District:

And a link to the impact of funding on the Coronado Schools Foundation website:

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have and have attached the forms distributed today as well which includes the Fact Sheet.

[Click here to download the 2016-17 Real Estate BPIE Form And Fact Sheet]

Please note:

  • Any Business Partners who commit to the $1,000 level or higher (payable quarterly) can use the web banner above (and we have similar banners for print media) on their marketing.
  • For Real Estate Partners at $500 and above, we will provide a nice insert for your client folders with facts about our schools and will include that you are a partner in education.
  • Other benefits are on the forms.

Thank you for being a great audience!

With appreciation,

Patty Cowan
Chief Executive Officer
Coronado Schools Foundation
201 Sixth Street
Coronado, CA  92118

Phone: 619-437-8059, ext. 3
CUSD Ext. 1080
Fax:    619-437-0340


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