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C.A.R. Business Meetings in Monterey January 22-26

C.A.R. Business Meetings in Monterey January 22-26

CREA Members:

Past-President Carol asked me to put together a summary of last weeks C.A.R. meetings in Monterey. There were not a lot of earthshaking events at the meeting, but new leadership was installed and in my opinion, the future it bright for our organization. For those unfamiliar with what goes on at the C.A.R. meetings, a brief summary:

C.A.R. holds three Board of Director meetings each year. The meetings are held in January, May, and October. The January meeting is a business meeting and is focused on installing the new leadership and defining priorities for the coming year. The May meetings are focused on Legislation and lobbying and are always held in Sacramento. When 900+ Realtors descend on the Capital, our legislators pay attention ! The October meeting includes the EXPO and is an opportunity for educators and vendors to show off their toys. All meetings include C.A.R. Committee meetings and lots of business is conducted on behalf of the membership.

The January and October meetings are held at locations around the state, including Monterey, Long Beach, Indian Wells, San Diego and San Jose and San Francisco. For those who might be interested in attending a meeting (even just for the day), there will be meetings in Long Beach in October 2013, and then San Diego in January of 2014. In addition, SDAR makes funds available for some members to attend the Legislative Day session in Sacramento. If you are interested, contact our GA Director Jordan Marks at Intergalactic Headquarters to get your name on the list.

Last weeks meeting was in Monterey, at the Monterey Marriott and Monterey Convention Center. The venue is nice, but getting there is a hassle – there is no easy way. The following are a couple of the big items that came out of the sessions:

First, CAR created a Task Force on Ethics and Professionalism chaired by former President Jim Hamilton. The Task Force has had some meetings and conference calls. Very little has been solidified at this point, but the direction the Task Force plans to take includes emphasizing: Competence (education, ethics, internships), Accountability (processing of ethics violations), Transparency (posting of discipline and inter-association communication of results). This will be a multi-year effort and will involve lobbying the DRE to tighten up licensing requirements.

By the way, the “DRE” doesn’t really exist anymore. The “DRE” is now a bureau in the Department of Consumer Affairs. I suppose we will continue to refer to the bureau as the “DRE” for some time to come.

Another big item is a change to the Residential Listing Agreement (RLA). There was apparently an appellate court ruling recently that caused a bit of a stir. Don’t quote me, but the essence of the lawsuit revolved around a Buyer’s Broker suing a Seller for his commission on a failed deal when the offer was full price and cash. The language of the RLA will be modified slightly to eliminate this possibility. There were also over 40 changes to the C.A.R. Standard Forms at the November meeting which I will brief you on this Wednesday.

There were lots of other issues that were dealt with and the CAR website will have a meeting summary very shortly.

I did want to mention that new leadership was installed at the Monterey meeting and I am very pleased by who we have running the State Association. Don Faught is the new President and the Kevin Brown is the President-Elect. I have served on committees with both of them and they are both first class individuals who have good perspective on Realtor® issues.

CREA has positions for three C.A.R. Directors, and if you are interested I strongly encourage you to seek a leadership position and fill one of the slots. The meetings result in some long days, but I find it to be satisfying and fun. I have been a C.A.R. Director for more than 10 years, and I learn something at every event. It is also gratifying to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on our industry and homeowners statewide.

Call me if you have any questions.

Dave Gillingham

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